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Restoration Specialists of Florida  has been providing nationwide Application, Consultant, and Restorative services for over 19 years. Our Restore USA™ specially formulated, environmentally-safe products and restorative cleaning techniques provide our clients with the solutions to improving, protecting and maintaining their facilities.

Our goal at Restoration Specialists of Florida is to deliver cost-effective solutions for our Clients that meet or exceed their expectations to Beautifying, Preserving, and Maintaining their building material assets. All of our products are proudly made in the USA (with available MSDS Sheets). Additionally, we are experiencing continued growth and expansion in Florida, the United States, Latin America and World markets.

​Our Restore USA™ specially formulated, environmentally-safe products have safely removed stains from a wide variety of surfaces; including soluble efflorescence (calcium/lime deposits), all types of petroleum and oil, grease, seal coat, rust, battery acid, fertilizer, irrigation stains, gum, paint, graffiti, algae mildew and mold, tarnished oxidized surfaces, and more.

Ideal for restoring pool decks, property main entrances, driveways, walkways, buildings, fountains, shopping centers, restaurants, elevators and parking lots, theme parks and attractions, resorts and hotels, golf courses, sports facilities, water parks, and other various public areas!

Some of our clients include Amusement & Theme Park Managers, Property Managers, Facility Supervisors, Architects, Contractors, Developers, Engineers, Golf Course Professionals, Hotel and Resort Managers, Custodial Managers, Commercial Property Managers, Residential Owners, and more!